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This library guide provides you a brief introduction to the  library, how to use the library, what services can obtained from the library and what are the rules pertaining to the reader. In addition, we have included the use of computerized catalogue and how we can retrieve information that we need from the library and some important class numbers for productive use of the library collection.

The utilization of the library should be an essential practice of students, staff and other researchers of a university. As to prominent scholar in the field of library and information science Dr SR Ranganathan once said in his five laws of library science “books are for use” which means books in the library should fulfills the reading, reference and aspiration need of the members of the library. Accordingly, we have developed the library collection by using the request of students, staff and subject specialists of the university.


I am therefore, very pleasure to inform you that we have very valuable collection of books in our library; some of them are still not available in other higher education institutions. Apart from that we have a good collection of general readings including periodicals would enrich the reader with knowledge on a variety of fields taking place in a dynamic world where information is no secret any more. We also have taken steps to develop a Special collection recently where the materials on Sri Lankan studies (Specially on Wayamba) are located. Apart from that we have a good collection of CDs, DVDs and other electronic materials housed at the computer section of the library will fascinate the reader with eye caching information wherever possible.

I would like to remind that we could hardly gain anything without customary reading from the university. The library is therefore yours and I take pleasure in inviting you to visit the library and make use of the above facilities developed by us over the years to update your knowledge in the fast changing world.


Take maximum use of the library.


Good luck.

Yours sincerely



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