Message of the Librarian

The Wayamba University Library Network (WULN) provides welcoming, accessible, and safe environments for study and collaborative learning.,

It identifies with the quality objectives of the university as outlined in university’s quality policy. The library is committed to empower the university to achieve its mission by offering accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in the fields of Agriculture and Plantation Management, Applied Sciences, Business Studies and Finance, Food Technology, Livestock  Fisheries and Nutrition, Medicine  and Technology to suit the needs of a dynamic world by providing speedy and timely access to relevant, current and quality information resources for teaching, learning, research and innovation. In order to deliver quality services that consistently meet and endeavor to exceed the expectations of our users we strive to uphold the core values of the university which focuses on quality, teamwork, accountability, professionalism, integrity, patriotism, dynamism, innovation and transparency.

We provide diverse and user-focused services and collections in an inviting, collaborative, and innovative learning environment across 6 Faculties. The WULN claims of a print book stock of 70, 000 volumes spread across all faculties of the university whose bibliographic details can be accessed by staff and students in all the faculties via Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).

The library has access to some electronic journals through the UGC – (CONSAL Consortium of Sri Lankan Academic Libraries) which are available to our users through the internet and are accessible for use at one’s own convenience. To create awareness of the resources available to enable users make full use of them, the library organizes orientation days for any new library user which is usually griped up by conducting continuous user education.

I therefore call upon all library users to commit time and make effort to visit our physical and virtual library in order to benefit from the wealth of information resources available in various formats. I look forward to interacting with you in the library, through our email provided on our website and our available social media platforms.

I hope the Libraries’ rich collections, inspiring spaces and innovative services will help you achieve your academic goals and enrich your experience at Wayamba University. Also, I look forward to interact with you in the library, through our email provided on our website and our available social media platforms.

If you have any questions or comments, email us at or

Welcome and enjoy with our facilities.


WM Thusithakumari

Acting Librarian

Wayamba University of Sri Lanka