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To be a center of excellence in the provision of library and information services to The University and general community


To provide an energetic, high-quality service for the staff, students, researchers and the community through stimulating human development in fulfilling their pursuit for knowledge and life-long learning skills.

Wayamba University Library Network

The Wayamba University of Sri Lanka started in 1999 as the 13th university of the country. The library of the university started in the same year as a university library. The Library system of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka consists of three Libraries; one is at Kuliyapitiya and the other two is at Makandura and Labuyaya. They have been started shearing their services in the e-environment since 2005. Hence, the Wayamba University Library Network (WULN) has been functioning twenty years. The Library at Kuliyapitiya is serving for four faculties, namely Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business Studies & Finance, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Technology. The Makandura library serves to other two faculties, namely Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation management and Faculty of Livestock and Fisheries and Nutrition.  Both libraries are also serve to Computer Unit, English Language Teaching Unit, Sports Unit, Carrier Guidance Unit, Staff Development Centre, Administrative and Non-academic Units of the University. The WULN of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka is considered as a center of knowledge in Wayamba province (North Western Province – NWP) which treats to entire academic community of the area according to their requests.


Main Library - 39399
Makandura Premises Library - 20783
Medical Library Labuyaya - 2666
Total - 62748

[June 2023]