1. Readers should maintain strict silence inside the library.
  2. Seats in the library may not be reserved by anyone.
  3. Readers are free to remove any book of their choice form the shelves but not to replace.
  4. Readers should not replace any book on the shelves but should hand it over to a member of the library staff or leave it on the table.
  5. Hand bags, files, Printed books, boxes, parcels, hand phones, umbrellas and any other personal belonging should not be brought in to the library.
  6. Valuable articles or cash should not be kept at the baggage counter. The library staff will not be responsible for any losses. Baggage counter is only for readers of the library.
  7. Smoking, consumption of food and drinks and the use of matches or an open flame are forbidden in all parts of the library.
  8. No reader may enter any parts of the library to which entry is forbidden.
  9. The library will not accept any correspondence or telephone calls on behalf of the readers.
  10. Students should not occupy places and seats reserved for university teachers.
  11. All readers leaving the library in possession of books or papers must show them to a member of the library staff on demand.
  12. Prior approval, in writing, should be obtained from the librarian to take photographs inside the library.
  13. Visitors are required to obtain permission of the Librarian to enter the library.
  14. Ink bottles, markers and other such materials should not be brought into the Library.
  15. Library facilities are withheld to those who attempt to steal or damage the library materials. Library users should avoid themselves of stealing books from the library and making excuses such as forgetfulness carelessness etc.
  16. Readers must produce their University Record Book/ Identity Card when borrowing books or at any other time when called upon to do so.
  17. All readers are requested to refrain from wearing unsuitable cloths like shorts, caps etc., when they enter the library.
  18. It is an offence to take a library book out without properly borrowing it.
  19. Permanent reference books including periodicals are not allowed to be taken out of the library.
  20. Strictly prohibited to install, remove the software from Computers in the Library Computer Lab.