Undergraduate Students

Full time internal students are allowed both Reference and Lending facilities. Internal students who are repeating examinations are allowed reference facilities only, during the term preceding their examinations on their request.

All students are required to register their names in the library by applying on the prescribed registration card obtainable at the borrowing counter of the library. Students should produce their Record Book and the university identity card at the time of registration. In addition, at the beginning of each academic year, students are required to have themselves renewed their registration in the library.

After registration as a member of the library from the beginning, the students will provide online logging facilities with a password. 

All students will be issued with two item borrow books (L) for a period of two weeks and may be borrowed during working hours. One reference item will be issued to borrow a Scheduled Reference (SR) book for over-night use. SR books are issued after 3.00 pm during the semesters and vacations Monday to Friday onwards and should be returned before 10.00 am on the following working day. All the books should be returned on or before the due dates stamped.

Year Lending Reference Total
1st 2 1 3
2nd 3 1 4
3rd 4 1 5
4th 4 2 6

Postgraduate Students 

Postgraduate students are given, reference facilities as internal students. They are allowed to borrow books, according to their refundable deposits. (Rs. 2500 for one ticket) They are eligible to have maximum up to 3 tickets.

Category Lending Reference (SR) Electronic media Maximum Items
2500 Deposit 1 1 1 1
5000 Deposit 2 1 2 2

Staff of the University

Members of the Wayamba University staff and such other persons for whom the University has made provisions are entitled to use the library. The categories of the staff are as follows;

  1. Academic Staff
  2. Academic Staff (temporary)
  3. Academic Support Staff
  4. Administrative Staff
  5. Non-Academic Staff

All staff members of the university are required to apply for library registration of the prescribed registration card available in the library. They are also requested to produce their letter of appointment to the librarian at the time of registration. Membership for temporary academic staff will be issued for a period of 03/06/09 months on the recommendation of the Dean or the Head of the Department.

Borrowing/ Reference Facilities

Category Lending Reference  (SR) Multimedia Maximum Items
Academic Staff (Permanent)   10 10 10 10
Academic Support 3 2 2 5
Administrative 3 2 2 5
Library Non-Academic 3 0 2 3
Non-Academic 2 0 0 2
All Temporary  staff 3 2 2 5

Visiting Lecturers

Any visiting lecture who wishes to be a member of the library should produce a copy of the appointment letter at the time of registration and should fill in the prescribed registration card. Visiting lectures can use library facilities but are not allowed borrow library books

Academic Staff of other Universities in Sri Lanka

Permanent members of the academic staff of other universities in Sri Lanka are entitled to use full reference facilities after having the permission of the Librarian. Outside researches are also allowed use the reference facilities of the library after proper permission of the university.

Fines and Payments

A fine will be imposed in respect of each book not returned by the due date.

  L SR
  Fine 5 .00 (Per day ) 4.00 (Per Hour) 30.00 (Per day ) 

The fines may be calculated automatically by the computerized system of the library. The reminder will be sent through email. All payments should be made to the University Shroff and the receipt has to be produced to the library counter.