Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Library (IQAC)

About IQAC

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the Library (IQAC), Wayamba University of Sri Lanka (WUSL) was established in March, 2022 in accordance with the guidelines given by the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. IQAC has a broad mandate of coordinating all the activities related to quality assurance within the Main Library and the Branch libraries in liaison with the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. Quality Assurance (QA) in higher education is the process by which university academic programmes are assessed and evaluated against specific criteria. The Library plays a major role in Quality assurance mechanism.


The purpose of the LQAC is to develop and implement appropriate procedures for assuring, monitoring, maintaining and improving standards of library services and facilities, in alignment with the Library Service’s strategic directions and University’s Centre for Quality Assurance.

Goals and Objectives of the LQAC

  1. To have knowledge of the Quality Assurance Policy of the University and align the Library’s strategic focus areas according to the Academic Quality Framework of the University;
  2. To coordinate all quality assurance activities and external evaluations;
  3. To benchmark with national and international university libraries;
  4. To coordinate all management information and the updating of statistics gathered by the Library and to report on these;
  5. To facilitate continuous improvement of Library services and facilities;
  6. To ensure accountability for all Library activities related to quality assurance.

Duties and Responsibilities of the LQAC

  • Promote quality enhancement activities of the University Library.
  • Collect and Prepare documents necessary for Institutional Reviews/Programme reviews.
  • Facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in Institutional monitor progress in their implementation.
  • Liaise with branch libraries to share good practices and enhance the quality of services to the Library User community.
  • Devise and suggest additional quality assurance measures or changes to the existing measures, based on the data collected on various quality assurance indicators such as external reviews.

Duties and Responsibilities of the Coordinator of the IQAC

  • Liaise with the Director, Center for Quality Assurance (CQA), Faculty Quality Assurance Cells (FQAC) of the University to coordinate university level Quality Assurance (QA) activities.
  • Represent the Library QA related activities.
  • Organize Library QA meetings/ awareness programmes.
  • Collect the evidence documents to the Institutional review process of the WUSL.
  • Work with other related committees on matters related to QA.
  • Report the activities of the LQAC to the CQA regularly.
  • Assist the Institutional Review and Programme review of the University.

Members of the IQAC

  1. Ms. D.G.A.S. Malkanthi – Senior Assistant Librarian – Acting Librarian /Faculty Librarian, Faculties of Agriculture & Plantation Management (FAPM) & Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition (FLFN)
  2. Ms. W.M. Thusithakumari – Senior Assistant Librarian – Faculty Librarian /Medicine (FoM)
  3. Mr. K.G.I. Jayawardhana – Senior Assistant Librarian/ Acquisition – Faculty Librarian, Faculties of Business Studies & Finance (FBSF)
  4. Mr. A.P.M.M.D.B. Dayananda – Assistant Librarian/ Reader Services – Main Library Faculty Librarian, Faculties of Applied Sciences (FAS) & Technology (FoT)
  5. Dr. B. Ranaweera – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management (FAPM)
  6. Mr. G.A.C.M. Karunananda – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Applied Sciences (FAS)
  7. Ms. G.K.N. Priyadarshani – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Business Studies & Finance (FBSF)
  8. Dr. (Ms.) H.P. Gunawardena – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries & Nutrition (FLFN)
  9. Dr. E.A.A.M. Wickramarathna – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Medicine (FoM)
  10. Dr. N.W.P.S. Perera – Faculty Representative/ Faculty of Technology (FoT)
  11. Mr. E.M.C.L. Ekanayake – Programmer Cum Systems Analyst / Library Network
  12. Ms. D.S.H.S.W. Hettiarachchi – Assistant Registrar/ Library Services

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