Resources of WULN

The Wayamba University Library Network has around 70,000 volumes (Main Library around 45,000, Makandura Library around 25,000 and Medical library around 1500 printed materials), CD, DVD, Video and databases that support the academic curriculum with ICT, English. In addition, both libraries have a vast collection of books for general reading in every subject fields. Those materials are available in both languages (English and Sinhala).

The Permanent Reference Collection of the library containing books such as general and Subject Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, Indexes, Handbooks, Yearbooks etc. and the more expensive reading materials. Recently, the library has taken steps to develop a Special Collection of Sri Lankan and regional studies. This collection and the Reference Collection housed in the library network are strictly for use inside the library. They are being identified by a red ‘SC’ (Special Collection) and a red ‘PR’ (Permanent Reference), a black ‘SR’ (Scheduled Reference/ Over Night Books) and a green ‘SDC’ (Staff Development Collection) labels on their spines. The Lending books can be located by a blue ‘L’ labels on the spines of the books. In addition, Periodical Collection, Theses (Undergraduate/ Postgraduate/ PhD), In-plant Training Reports, Maps, Weed Albums, Paper Cutting collections located in the library network for reference of the user community.



Document Supply Service (DSS) by CONSAL

Document Supply Service (DSS) is a facility offered for the 15 STate universities, by the Consortium of Sri Lankan Academic Libraries (CONSAL) which is funded by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. If you are looking for any journal article or a book chapter which is not available in your library, please complete the Article Request Form from the British Library as instructed and email to the given address. Please make sure that you do not request any item available in a Sri Lankan Library or on the Internet free of charge. Please read the brochure for more information.

Article Request Form for British Library